Nathan’s sound is stand alone on the live music circuit; his impressive technical ability succeeds in creating an ethereal beauty which stuns an audience with its tranquil atmospheric tones. Nathan’s four track EP is a testament to his creativity, diversity and meticulous attention to his craft that has been homed over 14 years.

Nathan’s first musical introduction was playing the violin as a child but once his teenage self deemed it too ‘girlie’, he decided to start learning the guitar. At fourteen years old the ‘boy in the bubble’ started to venture beyond classical music to the candy coloured land of pop princess Britney Spears, to which Nathan proudly proclaims, “I ended up in a good place and Britney got me there”.

With the progression from the acoustic to electric guitar, Nathan was exposed to a new world of rock, jazz and funk. The Britters to Barone transition came underway when Nathan saw Andy McKee’s viral Youtube video ‘Drifting’, employing a modern, acoustic finger-style that he had never heard before. Having been inspired he fervently sought out to learn this new skill set by replicating and building upon the techniques favoured by McKee, John Gomm, Stefan Barone and Calum Graham. Once proficient he started to compose his own music in the genre and to introduce interesting twists on everything from pop to dance song classics.

By day Nathan pursues his passion of teaching guitar to school children in the Bracknell area, and at night can be seen playing as a featured act and at the open mics on his own or as part of an acoustic singing duo, around the Farnham and Guildford area. He aspires to do more live sets, teaching and function performances in the future.

I was lucky enough to meet Nathan when he was doing the sound for me at Farnham Maltings. I was so impressed with his attitude and abilities and when he told me he played guitar I just had to go and watch him. When I did I was absolutely awe struck. Such an incredibly passionate and beautiful guitarist. Nathan is truly talented and I would highly recommend him!! – Emma Stevens; Singer-Songwriter