Warm up ideas

Spider exercise

A great exercise for beginners and proficient players alike.

This is a simple warm up that you can play each time you practise. It should be played at a slow pace, the idea is to gradually warm up your playing muscles, not melt faces!

Use a metronome and try to minimise the gap between each note by moving smoothly from one finger to the next rather than taking one finger off and then placing the next onto the following fret. This exercise should utilise every finger of your fretting hand, one per fret, rather than moving a single finger up and down the fingerboard.

Spider Warmup 1a

Once you have managed to reach the highest note, turn around and come back down in reverse. This is often found to be the harder part of the exercise but take it slowly and your seemingly uncontrollable fingers will soon be obeying your commands.

Spider Warmup 1b

In the future we will build on this simple idea to create complex, finger twisting patterns and show you how to develop your own exercises.

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