Baruba cocktail bar

A lovely little venue, down a side alley in Farnham. I ended up playing for something like 3 hours in the end. There was a reasonably consistent flow in and out of the bar, meaning I could recycle some of my tunes.

Really fun, buzzing atmosphere all night long, with Jenga towers being built and toppling on some of the tables. At times it was a tad too loud for my music to be anything but background murmerings, however when it was a little calmer, the clientele engaged with the tunes I was playing, relaxed with their drinks and gave some great feedback.

Odd request of the evening: “Can you play Slayer – Raining Blood?” If only I’d had my electric guitar with me, we could have cleared the bar in seconds with that one! \m/

It was also a good chance for me to try out a new setup, using two amps for some cool stereo delay fx.

Cocktail of the evening: The Godfather – Whiskey stirred with Amaretto, then served on cracked ice (Yum!)


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